Review: 'Somebody's Daughter' by Rochelle Weinstein

Somebody's DaughterSomebody's Daughter by Rochelle B. Weinstein

This is an interesting, contemporary character study about what can happen following a seemingly harmless teenage indiscretion. Every aspect of the Ross family's life is put under a microscope by friends, employees and townspeople after one of their 15-year-old twin daughters makes a bad decision at a party that, unbeknownst to her, is recorded on a cell phone and later sent to just about everyone in her school.

Zoe's (the twin) situation also uncovers memories and feelings her mother Emma has been trying to keep buried.

The boy involved in the indiscretion, along with the person who sent the video, also play prominent roles in the story.

This is a good reminder for parents that, because of technology, teens have a couple more potential problems to deal with when/if they make mistakes. "Somebody's Daughter" would be a good conversation starter for anyone who may not quite know how to talk to their teens about these issues.

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