Review: The Last Act

The Last Act The Last Act by Brad Parks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A lot of suspense, a ripped from the headlines story, and characters I couldn't help but love made The Last Act a book a could not put down.

It starts with actor Tommy Jump getting an offer from two FBI agents, one of whom was a childhood friend, to go undercover for them in a federal prison to get information a man convicted of bank fraud (Mitch) has that could bring down a Mexican drug cartel. Because he and his fiance (Amanda) need the money the FBI is offering, he takes the gig. It doesn't take him long to get close to Mitch and get the information he needs.

But it wouldn't be a suspense novel if it was that easy, would it? Amanda gets some information that changes everything and puts in motion a bold and daring plan that involves the evil leader of the drug cartel himself.

I did have one part of the story figured out fairly early, but that didn't take away from the moment the characters learned about it, and where they went with that information. Tommy, Amanda and some of the other characters are so engaging that I was looking forward to finding out how they dealt with the dilemma that arose when they learned the truth.

I hope Mr. Parks finds a way to bring Tommy back in another escapade. He's my favorite new character of the year so far.

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