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A Heartwarming Story ...

... and handwarming. Read all about it HERE One Cold Hand

City Taxes

I'm torn on this issue. No, I don't want to pay higher taxes -- even if it's only $2 a month. But I do understand sometimes taxes do have to be raised. In this case, the director of accounts and finances explained that, among other things, higher insurance costs necessitated the minimal increase. As the mayor said, she's putting more than that into her gas tank right now. On the other hand, the mayor-elect says he believes "fat" could have been trimmed from the budget and ordinances could be enforced more fairly to generate more revenue. One example he gave was the refuse ordinance. He says while a homeowner pays $18 a month, an apartment building with about 100 units pays only $60-$70 a month. I must agree, that's hardly fair. What's really disturbing about the entire issue, though, is the number of people who are complaining about the tax increase. Where were they during the public budget hearings? Were they at city hall to offer input? And where w

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit?

From the state police: An East Smethport teenager walked by the property of 75-year-old Neomi Magee on Route 6 Sunday night and slashed a blow-up Santa air globe with a pocket knife. The air globe is valued at $80. 19-year-old Jeremiah Smith would have been charged with criminal mischief, but Magee declined to press charges.