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Wings of Hope -- for Hunter Winship

Check out this video:

In Case You Missed It ...

02/21/08 - Big Band Leader Bob Lucia Dies in Vegas Big Band leader Bob Lucia died Monday in Las Vegas of an apparent heart attack. He was 71 years old. He was the longtime band director at Franklinville Central School, but was also well known as the king of big band swing music in the Twin Tiers. He and his band were among the most popular performers at Bradford's annual Festa Italiana and had also performed at First Night Bradford. John Kytic of Bradford is a member of Lucia's "7 Swing Street" band. Bob Lucia & 7 Swing Street 02/21/08 - Buchheit Receives Chancellor's Award University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg has selected Peter J. Buchheit, Pitt-Bradford’s director of facilities management, as a recipient of the 2008 Chancellor’s Award for Staff Excellence in Service to the Community. Buchheit is one of four staff members university-wide to receive the award, which was created to recognize staff members whose work in the community surpass

The Buzz Week in Review

I know you've been waiting for it, so here it is:

Shooting the Satellite

This is the news conference talking about, and video of, the Navy shooting down the rogue satellite.

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02/20/08 - United Way Reaches Campaign Goal The United Way of the Bradford Area has reached its 375 thousand dollar campaign goal. Executive Director Kristen Luther and Assistant Director Mandi Wilton Davis say this is an outstanding compliment for the community, and they are proud to be part of the team that made reaching the goal possible. Luther is quick to point out that anyone who is still wishing to contribute to the 2007-2008 campaign may still do so, as all monies collected prior to March 31 will be included.United Way’s staff and volunteers will now focus their attention on the 2008 campaign, scheduled to start August 15th, as well as upcoming special events and initiatives. 4-year-old Austen Davis, son of Mark and Mandi Davis, helps his mom fill in the thermometer that's being displayed in the window of the United Way Office. ( Photo Courtesy of The United Way ) 02/20/08 - Staff Members Hurt During Abraxas 'Riot' Several staff members were injured during a r

Lunar Eclipse

Mike Cejka was right. The sky stayed clear enough last night that we could see the lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, I left my camera at work and was too cold to come back and get it, so I didn't get a picture. But Spider from Bradford Online did get a picture. You can see it HERE . Thanks Spider!

Going Beyond ....

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is celebrating the two-year anniversary of its successful "Beyond" marketing campaign. During a party Wednesday afternoon, University President Dr. Livingston Alexander recognized Pete Buchheit and the Facilities Management Department for their commitment to the university. The department includes Bob Harris, who is also part of the WESB family with his Around the Home show Saturday mornings during the spring and summer. Alexander also recognized Jeff Guterman and the Broadcast Communications Department for their dedication. The department has brought us interns Jeremy and Jason this year and, last year, intern Rachel, who is one of the students who entered a competition to produce the best commercial for the university. Here are the winning commercials: (This is the one I voted for, by the way.) To see the other entries, go HERE

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Treasure Hunter: Gold in Elk County A man says he knows where millions of dollars in gold have been buried in Elk County since the Civil War – but the state won't let him dig for it. Dennis Parada, who runs a treasure hunting business in Clearfield, says the gold is in the Village of Dents Run near the Cameron County border. Parada says the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources told him he'd be arrested if he digs at the site because he isn't following proper procedure. Parada says the state is just stalling so they can dig up the gold and claim it. The legend of the gold says Abraham Lincoln order a shipment to help pay Union soldiers. The gold, and the soldiers transporting it, made it to Ridgway and St. Marys, but the soldiers were never seen again -- until their dead bodies and their wagon showed up near the village of Dents Run. The gold shipment was originally worth around $2 million, but Parada estimates its value at around $30 million today. Pitt-Bra