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A Walking Tour Through Bradford’s National Historic District

The Allegheny National Forest Visitor’s Bureau has designed an exciting 18- page brochure- A Walking Tour of Bradford's National Historic District. The brochure features architectural and historical highlights of 25 buildings within Bradford's National Historic District with a detailed, numbered map of building locations. The Bradford Walking Tour Brochure encourages visitors to “look up” to experience a sampling of Bradford's beautiful architecture and rich history. As the brochure's beginning text describes, "If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the steady hammering of nails on a makeshift mercantile, an investor plunking down a gold bar at the Option House as he throws back a shot of whiskey, and oil producers passing out cigars to celebrate a successful deal." Each building featured includes a photo and a short history. One of the buildings highlighted on the walking tour is 9 Kennedy Street home of Graham’s Florist & Gifts. This

Professor Examines Impact of Illustrations on Colonial Literature

Dr. Megan Walsh’s newest book takes a look at literature in Colonial America — and the focus isn’t just on words. In “The Portrait and the Book: Illustration and Literary Culture in Early America” (University of Iowa Press), the St. Bonaventure University English professor argues that colonial-era author portraits shaped readers’ conceptions of American literature. In the 19th century, new image-making methods like steel engraving and lithography caused a surge in the publication of illustrated books in the United States. Yet even before the widespread use of these technologies, Walsh says early Americans had already established the illustrated book format as central to the nation’s literary culture. Through an examination of readers’ portrait-collecting habits, writers’ employment of ekphrasis (a vivid, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art), printers’ efforts to secure American-made illustrations for periodicals, and engravers’ reproductions of Briti

Little Monsters Invading Bradford Little Theatre

Little monsters are invading Bradford Little Theatre (BLT) when the cast of 24 campers take the stage at the conclusion of the second annual kid’s camp later this month. Directors Mandi Droney and Hannah Leposa are thrilled to be working with the talented group of children and teens from the area. “Camp last summer was such an enriching experience. I am thrilled to be back for a second year. Seeing the camper numbers grow by almost ten just shows us that we are doing something not only educational, but enjoyable,” says returning camp director, Leposa. The campers are working each day to put together the one act musical, “We Are Monsters.” The show takes place deep in a cave where monster emcees, Targoyle and Fargoyle, are hosting a monster cabaret filled with werewolves, vampires, and an ooze monster. Targoyle and Fargoyle are played by Hayden Yanik, 11, and Lillian South, 8, respectively. Yanik is a first year camper while this is South’s second year. The ooze monster, Oozy L

Expect Some Changes

1.I'll actually be posting again. 2.It will be different from WESB news.