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Cub Scout Pack 416

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of giving Cub Scout Pack 416 a tour of the radio station. This is the newsroom (you can see my hair and shoulder sticking out from behind the computer), which kind of interested them. They were more interested in the fact that, the way our building is set up, you can literally run in circles from one hallway to the other.

The were also very interested to see Scott's picture ... and Scott's desk ... and the microphone Scott uses ... and ... Well, you get the idea.

The Buzz Week in Review

This is the latest Internet sensation. Don't miss it!

In Case You Missed It ...

As we've been telling you this week, 5-year-old Hunter Winship is battling a rare form of cancer. Because he loves airplanes, his family and friends are trying to lift his spirits by getting him into the Guiness Book of World Records for the most paper airplanes received. WIVB-TV ran a story about Hunter Friday morning. You can see it HERE. Hunter is the cousin of our own Scott Douglas.

Scott Douglas took this photo of the Allegany River in Salamanca Wednesday afternoon. A flood warning is now in effect until Friday afternoon for Olean. Minor flooding is already happening and more is forecast. Flood stage of the Allegany River is 10 feet, and the river is expected to crest near 13 feet tomorrow morning.
The major impact is expected to be East Riverside Drive. The flood warning in Salamanca is in effect until late Thursday night. Minor flooding is occurring, and more is forecast there as well. Flood stage is 12 feet and the river is expected to crest at 12.7 feet tomorrow. Flooding…