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Review: I Liked My Life by Abyy Fabiaschi

I Liked My Life: A Novel by Abby Fabiaschi My rating: 5 of 5 stars Brady and his daughter Eve are trying to deal with the death of Maddy (his wife, her mother) as Maddy looks down on them from above and tries to orchestrate how their lives will go on without her. She picks out a new companion for Brady, who would also be good for Eve, and tries to get them together. Because Maddy's death has been ruled a suicide Brady and 17-year-old Eve ask themselves why she did it, why they didn't know she was so unhappy, and what their roles in her death were. They must also figure out what their father-daughter relationship is since they were not close before Maddy's death. Eve has to deal with her friends and their reactions to Maddy's death, and how her best friend Kara seems to be having a breakdown over it. Brady must also deal with the neighborhood divorcees who are trying to keep him company. I'll admit that at first I didn't like Brady or Eve, but the more they go