List of Transportation Projects

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) announced that more than $125 million in funding has been approved for a wide range of transportation projects in the 25th Senatorial district.

“These projects will create jobs for district residents and improve our transportation infrastructure to make our roads and bridges safer,” Scarnati said. “Our state is facing a transportation funding crisis as we look for ways to repair and replace our aging infrastructure. This investment will help ensure that our highways, roads and bridges are sustainable for years to come.”

In addition to individual projects listed below, Scarnati said funding will be used for resurfacing and repair projects and bridge preservation programs throughout the 25th Senatorial district.

A recent study found that Pennsylvania has nearly 6,000 structurally deficient bridges and approximately 9,000 miles of roadway in poor condition. “We need to replace and repair these structures so we don’t have an incident like the Minnesota bridge collapse,” Scarnati said. “We also must make long overdue improvements to our roads and highways if we want to protect public safety and encourage economic development.”

Two of the new projects are in Clearfield County. The intersection of Hospital Avenue and Dixon Avenue will be realigned to create a four-way stop for traffic entering DuBois Regional Medical Center. Funding will also be allocated for bridge preservation activities in several municipalities across Clearfield County.

Funding will also be used for streetscape improvements on a five-block area of Pennsylvania Avenue in Warren.

In Elk County, the Elk Creek Bridge, located on State Route 120 in Ridgway Township will be rehabilitated.

Jefferson County will see a number of bridge replacement and road improvement projects including:

Rehabilitation of Sandy Lick Point Bridge over Conrail Railroad in Pine Creek Township.

Preservation of State Route 3011 Hamilton Bridge over Little Mahoning Creek in Perry Township.

Resurfacing of State Route 36 from Main Street to Newcome Road Punxsutawney Borough and Young, Perry and Oliver Townships.

Replacement of the US 322 Blake's Bridge over North Fork Creek in Brookville.

Ramp improvements and reconstruction of the Brookville Interchange of Interstate 80 and PA 36 in Brookville and Rose Township.

Replacement of the Punxsutawney Bridge on US 119 over Mahoning Creek in Punxsutawney Borough.

Replacement of the Howe Bridge on Township Route 342 over Mill Creek in Union and Eldred Townships.

Safety improvements to the intersection of US 119 and Township Route 841 Intersection in Bell Township.

Replacement of the Little Mill Creek Bridge #1 on Township Route 464, Sulgar Road in Pine Creek Township.

Bridge preservation programs in various locations in Jefferson County.

Safety improvement projects at the Findley Street Crossing in Punxsutawney Borough.

Rehabilitation of State Route 310 over Trout Run and Soldier Run in Winslow Township and Reynoldsville Borough.

Rehabilitation of Rattlesnake Road Bridge on SR 1008, 2 miles east of State Route 219, in Lanes Milles, Snyder Township.

Rehabilitation of Sawmill Run Bridge on SR 3021 over Sawmill Run in Young Township.

Resurfacing and paving on various State Routes in Jefferson County.

Replacing and upgrading guiderails in Jefferson County.

Resurfacing State Route 36 from State Route 436 to the Village of Oliveburg.

Resurfacing projects in Cameron McKean, and Potter Counties.

McKean County Projects

Transportation enhancements to the Tuna Valley South Trail from Bradford to Lewis Run in McKean County.

New roadway to Lafferty Hollow Industrial Park Access Road from State Route 46 in Foster Township.

Highway reconstruction and bridge rehabilitation of US 219 (Bradford Bypass) in City of Bradford and Bradford Township.

Bridge replacement and maintenance of the Pratt Hollow Box Culvert in Foster Township.

Potter County

Restoration of US Route 6 from Coudersport toward Sweden Valley in Coudersport Borough and Eulalia Township.

Bridge replacement of 7th Street Bridge over Allegheny River in Coudersport Borough.

Bridge replacement along PA 872 over First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek in Portage and Sylvania Townships.

Replacement of bridge on State Route 1004 over Genesee Branch of Pine Creek in Hector Township.

Replacement of bridge on State Route 1005 over Little Pheonix Run in Pike County.

Tioga County

Replacement of State Route 414 bridge over Zimmerman's Creek in Liberty Township.

Resurfacing of State Route 287 from Wilson Creek to Shumway Hill Road in Delmar Township.

Resurfacing of US Route 15 from State Route 287 to Tioga River in Lawrence, Tioga Townships and Lawrenceville Borough.

Preservation of State Route 2005 bridge over Blockhouse Creek in Liberty Township.

Preservation of US Route 15 northbound bridge over Mill Creek/ Hammond Dam in Tioga Township.

Replacement of bridge on State Route 49 over Holden Creek in Osceola Township.

Replacement of Olmsville Bridge on State Route 3007 over West Branch of Stoney Fork Creek in Delmar Township.

Replacement of bridge on State Route 49 over tributary to Cowanesque River in Osceola Township.

Replacement of State Route 249 bridge over Crooked Creek in Chatham Township.

Replacement of bridge on State Route 4007 over North Brook in Brookfield Township.

Rehabilitation of bridge on State Route 49 over Cowanesque River in Westfield Township.

Resurfacing of State Route 2018 to State Route 4002 Cherry Flats Road to PA 660, Elk Run Road Charleston Township.

Rehabilitation of Catlin Hollow Creek Bridge in Charleston Township.

Rehabilitation of Hornby Bridge on State Route 4012 over Hornby Hollow Creek in Chatham Township.

Rehabilitation of bridge on State Route 4005 over North Fork in Brookfield Township.

Surface treatment along State Route 3022 to State Route 287 and State Route 3022 to State Route 287 in Delmar Township.

Resurfacing of Main Street, Wellsboro to State Route 6 from Kelsey Creek to Main Street in Wellsboro Borough.

Resurfacing of State Route 287 from Central Avenue to US 6Wellsboro Borough.

Resurfacing of State Route 4024.


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