Fuel Oil Company Accused of Stealing
Thousand of Dollars by Overbilling

Attorney general agents today charged the owners of Reichenbach Oil Company in Allentown with charging their customers for more fuel oil than was actually delivered.

Attorney General Corbett said that 42-year-old Daniel Reichenbach Jr. and his brother 45-year-old William Reichenbach stole thousands of dollars by overbilling their customers. The brothers are co-owners of Reichenbach Fuel Company.

The investigation began when a Reichenbach employee became suspicious about their billing procedures and, after numerous customer complaints, reported the matter to the Office of Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Corbett said inventory records seized during the search show that during the months of February 2008 through May 2008, Reichenbach Oil sold 18,598 gallons of fuel oil and 3,926 gallons of kerosene that they did not have in inventory.



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