Charges Filed for 'Bottle Bombing'

Six people have been charged with arson and gang assault for throwing a bottle bomb at a house occupied by St. Bonaventure University students, and a seventh person has been charged with a drug-related offense.

Police say the incident started when someone was assaulted at about 4:30 Sunday morning. Shortly after that, the bottle bomb was thrown at the house on Main Street in Allegany.

Those charged with that incident are 21-year-old Steven Sprague, 20-year-old Mark Braithwaite, 22-year-old Adam Peterson and 22-year-old Donald Phearsdorf, all of Allegany; Andrew Piccirillo of Portville; and Calvin Weiss of Olean.

A couple of hours later, Braithwaite, Peterson, Phearsdorf and Weiss, along with 19-year-old Christopher Klice of Olean, were charged with unlawful possession of marijuana after police smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment they were in.

They’re all scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. The suspects are not St. Bonaventure students.


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